The Present Identity Crisis

by | Jul 9, 2024 | Guest Writers


  1. Thank you again for your thoughts David. Like Jami’s writing from last week, you are talking about a tough subject. Identity politics has become so much a part of the social justice agenda that has infiltrated the world and the church too.
    Christian churches that cater to the adherents of the different identities have changed God to be reconciled to their particular identity not them being changed to be reconciled to God and to His identity.
    It’s powerful medicine to tell someone they are living their own genuine personal truth and being true to themselves.
    For Christians the only truth is Christ crucified. Pledging allegiance to God is our identity and is eternal. Learning more about who Christ is and what He accomplished on our behalf on the cross anchors my soul daily into His identity. We are not our own because we are bought with a price.
    Why do you think people try to make God’s grace so hard to receive?
    Little kids get it. Why spend time navel gazing when the simplicity that is in Christ is for every believer.
    All it takes is faith, right David? And it gets better and better every day.

  2. Thank you, Pastor Dave, as always, your words ground me.

  3. Thank you, David, for this common-sense word. 
    I am grateful that when I was first saved, our identity in Christ was the first thing that was taught.


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