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Proverbs 23:23 – Buy the truth, and sell it not; also, wisdom, and instruction, and understanding.

There are real estate investors who tell us that once they acquire land and buildings, they never sell them, because as they increase in value, they can be leveraged to acquire capital for other endeavors. We are being counselled to do something similar, but the investment we are being encouraged to make has ramifications that extend far beyond the temporary buildings of this life into Eternity.

Buy the truth; that is, do whatever it takes to acquire and possess it. Save your energies and resources. Restrain your spending habits and refrain from wasting time and money. Be disciplined and diligent in your pursuit of the truth. Someone might say that money can’t buy the truth, and that is correct, but how we use our money determines what is important to us. Do we consider it wasteful to purchase books, or to attend seminars that offer us valuable knowledge? Do we think it is foolish to give a portion of one’s income and demonstrate generosity to others?

Truth must be purchased for it is not free. Like anything of real worth, there is always a cost associated with it; indeed, someone had to pay a price. Truth does not randomly come to just anyone, in the same way that money does not magically appear for our use. No! Money comes to those who apply the laws surrounding money, such as; discipline, stewardship, generosity and thrift. The truth also, comes to those who utilize the laws of truth, such as; sincerity, faith, diligence and obedience.

When I was thirteen years old, my parents bought me a set of weights for Christmas. I eagerly read all the instructions and information that came with it. One of the things that was emphasized was the fact that once the weights were acquired, they should never be sold. Keep them, it said, even if you lose interest and stop using the weights; keep them; do not sell them, for eventually you will pick them up again. I followed that advice and it proved true, and because I had never sold the weights, they were always available to me when I wanted to get back into exercising.

This is the same principle that we are being told here. Buy the truth and never sell it; never let it leave your life, for even if you have occasional departures and seasons where your interest and discipline might wane, the truth will be there for you as you come around to it again. The reality is that, like the tide, every life has its ebbs and flows, whether they are short or long intervals, every life has them; otherwise, there would be no such thing as a struggle, no need for discipline, and there would be nothing to overcome. Buy the truth and never let it go, and do the same for wisdom, instruction and understanding. Do whatever is necessary to acquire these qualities, develop them and keep them in your life. Be resolute, be determined, and settle this in your heart, my friends, for if you do, the truth of God’s Word will remain in your life and the power of that truth will inevitably prevail, and your life will take on a depth of meaning, satisfaction and fulfillment beyond anything this world can offer.



  1. Hi Doug,
    Jesus says in Matt 16, verse 26 (KJV)…
    Jesus Christ is the truth. What Christ did for us at the cross cannot be bought with anything other than faith.
    So spending more time and energy getting to know Him will give us more
    credit in the heavenly bank account.
    Thanks Doug. Good word.

    • Thank you!

  2. Thank you for this good word!

    • Thank you, Jami.

  3. As in your book, the words of truth you write are a blessing! Thank you for this encouraging word. I’ve been focused lately on pulling back on all the business activities that I have built up over the years. I am attempting to create more space in my life to focus on, well, exactly what you’ve mentioned above but I never thought of it that way before! Thanks!

    • Hi Clay, Thank you for reading and taking the time to comment, I appreciate it.


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