About Sir Norm

For me, Norm is a teacher, a mentor, an artist, and a friend. He has a gift for taking complex subjects and showing you how to apply them to your everyday life. He is the first to encourage you and the last to give up on you.
True to his signature teaching style, Norm’s books are straight to the point and backed by example. His books are filled with foundation life lessons forged through personal experience.
Everyone needs a Norm in their life and if you don’t, well at least you have this book. Norm, thank you for your bulldog tenacity and for sharing your hard-won lessons in your books

Carolyn Larrett

I am a manager of a substance-controlled facility. I have seen firsthand the hurt that ‘Being noticed but not seen’ causes. Looking into people’s eyes and truly seeing them—not only for who they are, but who they can become—is a gift. Being a busy mom of five, the tasks and roles I daily fulfill are often unseen, and the reminder that I work for an audience of One is an amazing privilege. We all fill roles that are often unseen by many, but always seen by a gracious God. I first met Norm in 1999. It was in a class I audited through the Bible College at Kelowna Christian Centre. I was an energetic, impressionable young lass eager to learn. I definitely learned in his class and grew to trust Norm: his pursuit of truth, his passion for God, and his love for people. He inspired me to think out of the box in my faith. Little did I know that this out-of-the-box thinker would play such a huge part in my healing in my early forties.
When struggling in February 2020, his name came to mind when I reached a point of desperation in my health. From our first meeting, I knew that our paths were spirit-led and God-driven. The renewal of not only my physical health but also my spiritual and emotional health has been long and hard. Norm’s books have been a huge part of my journey. At times, his writings have been a gentle nudge, a push; and at times, a full body slam toward God. In his books, Norm demonstrates what it means to be a spirit-filled Christian in a broken world. The books serve as a tool for making the Word of God relatable and relevant. Norm shares his life, his struggles and his personal experiences in a raw and powerful way. His communication is both challenging and authentic, providing empowering truths about God and how He is the answer every time—regardless of what the question is.
Through meeting with Norm monthly, he has been my mentor, coach, and pastor, and I have found an unlikely friend. I have benefitted from his wisdom, discernment, perspective and genuine care for people. In this book, I know you will see and feel the same. It is no accident that you are holding one of his books in your hands. As you read it, may each word remind you that you are seen by the Creator of all things, the all-knowing God and that you are loved beyond measure. May this book serve as a guide in your quest for truth and healing.

Elaine Gonzales


There are just some people in this world who enter your life and from that moment you are changed. Norm Sawyer, or “Sir Norm”, as I know him, is one of those people for me. Having met Norm through his personal blog, I’ve come to know him as someone who not only shares and teaches the Word of God but lives out a godly example in his life. He has a way of presenting life’s challenges as opportunities to grow and display grace, shedding light on God’s purpose in those battles for each one of us. As Norm has encouraged me with prayer and his words of wisdom throughout trying times, I have come to value him as a mentor and brother in Christ. He has challenged me to look beyond my circumstances, to trust God for the outcome and assured me that my strength will be revealed in the end.
Norm reveals his compassionate heart and concern for people in his writing and in real life, where relationships are of utmost importance. I appreciate his authenticity in a world where everyone just wants to feel good and hear what they want to hear. Norm will serve you the truth, but with a genuine humility that compels you to accept and face that truth along with whatever challenges you may be facing. Many can serve God, but Norm is gifted in his ability to reach people on their level and inspire them to grow in the Lord.
As you read Norm’s words, may you also come to know him as a mentor and friend who will bless, encourage, and inspire you.
May you see the Word of God come to life on the pages and see yourself within the stories. My life changed the first time I opened one of Sir Norm’s blogs and began to read. In turn, may your life be beautifully transformed by the reading of his books.

Jami Rogers
Coleman, Michigan


Some days it seems as if common sense has vacated the planet. It is during these times when I need a reminder that there is a God who’s got a handle on this planet, He’s in control, and it will all be well. One of the ways I remind myself of this truth is through the writings of Norm Sawyer, or as I like to call “Sir Norm”. He is a person that talks the talk and walks the walk, then writes it down in good ol’ black and white. Let me tell you, it is good stuff. His “tell it like it is” approach nourishes, corrects, and edifies the soul.
I have greatly benefited from his writings. He tackles tough topics and shares his experiences with transparency which makes him a relatable author. Reading his books is like having your own personal life coach, offering concrete, bible based truth. Read it, apply it, and you’ll be better for it. Thank you, Sir Norm.

Toni Lyons


As part of my preparation for ministry, I attended an intensive year of Biblical training in which ‘Sir Norm’ was a key figure. His depth of insight into the written counsel of God challenged (and continues to challenge) me to put hands and feet on my faith in new ways. I can’t help but wish I could have a ‘faith do-over’…to have another shot to get it right. He has become, in many ways, my spiritual father. To this day I affectionately and respectfully refer to him as ‘Pops’ despite the nearness in our age. There is never a meeting, no matter how brief, in which I don’t leave richer than before. Yes, what he has to say is that good.
There is a danger that you will just read his books. I encourage you to chew on it, to turn it over in your mind and heart. There is no way that having read this book you won’t leave richer
than before.

Blue Collar Faith.
Pat Hayden

Art and Sirnorm

My art is a tool I use while thinking about the things I need to write about. I tend to move colours around until I see something I like. My editor Scott Moore affectionately calls my art The Paint Can Collection because I tend to use recycled stuff that has been laying around the sheds for a long time. The thing is, that I have fun doing it and at the end of the day, art is a blessed way to express what creativity is within us all.

Book Cover Art

The art on the covers of my books was created by my late brother Kane Sawyer. He was an incredible artist and skilled at producing art in paint, weather colours, colour pencils and charcoal. His soapstone sculptures were also beautiful to touch and see the movements he brought out of the stone. Kane was funny, and I still laugh out loud when I think of when he jokingly said, “I wish I had more relatives because they were the only ones buying his art.” I am so blessed to have his art which allows me to bring beauty and uniqueness to my books.